Sunday, May 23, 2010


iupdate ko daw eto na (:
5 minsto go (: magtatime na.
uubusin na ang oras para sa unupdated blog .

recently, ive been busy doing unproductive things like updating my facebook. :))
i usually feel like time is running too slow .. things was a bit different than before..
it was like, im always alone.. but then i keep on telling myself that life really isnt perfect, i keep on praying, singing christian songs, and anything which i think will make me happy.. (:

i was with my sister a while ago ..
we ate, bought shoes and had a bunch of laughtrip. .. this day was very unusual. idk y^^
maybe bec. it was my first time going outside with my sistah :))

i dont know watu say..
im missing someone (:
someone hus really imprtant to me ..
but im not too imprtant to him ü
i feel incomplete yet,
things are getting even better, much better ..

hahaha. gdbye (: